Brief about the Registration division

Short Descripti
on The Registration division was established in 2013 with the first building block of the elite College and the registration division is one of the main pillars of the College, which represents the beginning of admission to the college and entry to the student whose name appears in the college lists and by which the new students are received and the file is opened With their documents and their registration and their biography in the subsequent academic years the division implements instructions and controls on student affairs (transfer, hosting, transfer outside Iraq….. The documents of the accepted students are checked in the college departments and for the morning and evening studies and for all admission channels.
The registration division consists of the foll
owing units: 1. Student Affa
irs Unit 2. Documentatio
n Unit 3. Identity Unit

Message of the registration division:
Provide all possible and distinguished services to graduate highly skilled staff. By providing all available means of high quality regulations, administrative structure, modern electronic equipment and the best international standards to facilitate the process of registering our children students.

Objectives of the Division:
The registration division aims to pay attention to the students and all the issues related to them, whether technical or administrative, starting from registration and acceptance of the student at the university and until graduation in light of the execution of instructions and decisions issued by the higher authorities, where the division is the link between the student and the college on the one hand and the college And the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research and the external bodies on the other hand.