In the Safwa College Division Championship for Pentathlon

In the Safwa College Division Championship for Pentathlon, law defeats dental industry techniques, and physical education and sports sciences crush medical laboratory techniques. The law department’s team achieved a significant victory over dental industry techniques, with a score of five goals to one in the first match of our college’s pentathlon football matches, which kicked off today at the college’s fields.

The goals for the law department were scored by players Dhul-Fiqr Kareem, Sadiq Adel, Ali Sabah, and Hassanein Ali. Meanwhile, the lone goal for dental industry techniques was scored by Laith Saad.

The law players succeeded in controlling the game by possessing the ball and playing in their opponents’ field, allowing them to secure opportunities for victory. As the formation pushed for more, a player from dental industry techniques, Laith Saad, exploited the gap in the law department’s lines to score his team’s only goal in the match, officiated by referees Abbas Abdul Amir and Mufdi Abdul Hussein.

In the second match, players from physical education and sports sciences managed to overcome the medical laboratory techniques team with six goals to none, at a rate of three goals per half. The goals for physical education were scored by players Ahmed Alaa (two goals), Muamal Saleh, Mushtaq Ibrahim, Mohammed Sadiq, and Falah Jasim.

The sports education team played comfortably and expressed their dominance throughout the match, with most players participating actively. Despite the attacking attempts by medical laboratory techniques, the result favored the physical education and sports sciences team.

It’s worth mentioning the excellent management of both matches by the federation’s refereeing staff, as well as the sportsmanship displayed by the players and other participants. #Safwa_University_College”