“A faculty member in our college is a member of the thesis defense committee at the College of Law / Al-Qadisiyah University.”

“Within the objectives of Al-Safwa University College to document and strengthen scientific and academic communication and cooperation with all governmental and private colleges and universities, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ali Al-Ghazali participated as a member of the thesis defense committee at Al-Qadisiyah University – College of Law for the student (Maha Naama Aboud), entitled (Constitutional Organization of Individuals’ Duties towards the State According to the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the Year 2005 – A Comparative Study). The thesis is considered pioneering research in the field of constitutional law due to its rarity and its connection to the philosophy of rights and freedoms, and it was approved with a very good grade. Congratulations to the student on her legal academic achievement. #Al_Safwa_University_College”