Title: “The Relationship Between Organizational Cynicism and Employee Commitment: An Analytical Study of the Opinions of Civil Defense Directorate Staff” Authors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mithaq Hatif Al-Fatlawi, Ms. Yasmeen Qasim Bdeh, Ms. Safaa Saadoun Al-Saadi

The current research is aims to find the relationship between organizational cynicism and workers commitment (Directorate in Civil Defense – Karbala), through research questions that shows trends of to discover the role organizational cynicism in the workers commitment the most important (Do organizational cynicism role in the mockers commitment) to achieve the aim of the research was two assumptions the first major test for correlation relationship between the two variables and the second of influence level, either research including (75) individuals from worker in
the surveyed, has been processing the statistically data based on several statistical means including (arithmetic mean weighted, standard deviation, the coefficient of variation, sensitivity of the answer, simple correlation coefficient, simple regression analysis, test T, test F). The research found to many of the most important conclusions doing the workers commitment to increase the loyalty of the Directorate of the surveyed and, creativity and innovation and hard work to achieve
their goals research finished with a set of recommendations including “should on Directorate surveyed to provide psychological environment and material work environment and eliminate the boredom and routine tasks that negatively affect the on morale and psychological of workers