A scientific research paper in a reputable international journal under the name of Al-Safwa University College.

A scientific research paper from the Department of Pharmacy at Al-Safwa University has been published in the Heliyon journal, issued by the Dutch publisher ELSEVIER. The journal is globally recognized as a Q1 journal and is registered in the international Scopus database with a CiteScore of 5.6 and a Clarivate Impact Score of 4.

The research, titled “Novel partially cross-linked nanoparticles graft co-polymer as pore former for polyethersulfone membranes for dyes removal,” was authored by the research team consisting of Dr. Ali Ahmed Abd Al-Rida from Al-Safwa University, Pharmacy Department, along with other professors from the University of Karbala, the University of Technology, and a professor from the Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Technologies for Higher Education and Industrial Collaboration, Miskolc University.

The research discusses the preparation of a cross-linked nano polymer that acts as a pore former in polyethersulfone membranes for the removal of various water pollutants, specifically dyes.

Our best wishes to the researcher for success and prosperity in serving our beloved country. #AlSafwa_University