The pharmacy department received the first place among the community colleges in the Holy Province of Karbala.

?? The deanship of the faculty of Elite University is blessed get a section? (pharmacy)? First place among the community colleges in the Holy Karbala Province in the competitive examination (scientific sobriety). ??
???? This is not new to our dear College. This has already been done. P
athological analysis techniques.
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& Engineering computer hard
ware. Also advanced centers at the level of sobriety exams. 

?? We congratulate our competent and loyal professors and dear students of this achievement, where they have proven their scientific level and the methods of teaching and quality of what is granted to the student of scientific and practical materials and constant insistence that the College of elite University always strive to achieve the best results and maintain the educational process On the right track and to supplement Iraqi society with the best graduates who are highly scientific, practical and professional.

?? We pledge ourselves and you to stay and continue this approach and to reach the highest level and levels at all levels of scientific, professional and other hopefully and to give Alpari more successes and success and more determination to continue the educational process Distinguished service to all our students Dear and serve Our beloved friends he is the best.