AlSafwa University College

About Al Safwa University College

A special academic institution for higher education with a public benefit was established in Karbala in 2012 and started the study on 1/10/2012 and sets the college as a top priority to be in keeping with current developments in the current and future in order to ensure leadership among Iraqi and Arab universities. The College adopts regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry Higher education and scientific research in Iraq and seeks to prepare students academically and technically by providing them with scientific knowledge and applied experience and develop their skills.


The College seeks to localize and develop the scientific knowledge of the society and improve it by preparing specialized human cadres with high efficiency in modern technology for use in the fields of scientific research.

the message

The mission of the college is to prepare the students professionally and scientifically through a scientific program focused on the student’s need for teaching and learning methods and work to meet one of the most important objectives of the college, which is to qualify the student academically and scientifically.


Raise scientific and cultural awareness of graduate students and equip them with modern scientific and applied knowledge to serve the society and equip them with the necessary skills.

Faculty Sections:

1- Department of Pharmacy

Computer Engineering

3- Pathological analyzes

4- Business Administration

5- Department of Dentistry

6 – Department of Law

7 – Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 

8-Department of Architectural Engineering

9-Nursing Department

10 – Department of Art Education.

contact information

 Al-Ma’laji area, Karbala


 [email protected]