About the Department of Pharmacy

The specialty of pharmacy is to teach students how to manage pharmacies, prepare medications, and advise patients, and it includes studying many scientific subjects, such as mathematics, biochemistry, anatomy, etc., so that pharmacists can finally exchange prescriptions, and examine all information with To ensure accuracy, to guide patients to the correct method of taking the prescribed medication, and the appropriate time to eat, in addition to providing information on any side effects of the drug, or contraindications for use.

Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical profession and pharmacology science is looking at it for drugs, their properties, the composition of medications and their related. The intermediate Pharmacy Dictionary is a healthy profession that connects health sciences with Chemical Sciences and is responsible for ensuring safe use and efficacy of pharmaceuticals. The word pharmacy is derived from the Greek language φάρμακον (Pharmakon, meaning “medicine” or “medicine”.

The pharmacy profession includes many traditional roles such as the installation and dispensing of medicines, and also includes providing more modern services related to health care, including clinical services, review of medicines, review of the safety and efficacy of medicines, and provision of information on medicines. Thus pharmacists are experts in drug therapy and first health professionals who determine the optimum use of the drug to provide positive health outcomes for patients.

The place where the pharmacist exercises his/her profession (at the first moment) at the pharmacy, the chemical shop, or the pharmaceutical store. In the United States, Canada and the Arab countries, pharmaceutical stores not only sell medicines but also assorted items such as sweets, cosmetics, magazines, as well as light refreshments.

The word pharmacy is derived from the root of the word pharmacy and is a term used from the 15th century and 17 years. In addition to the pharmacist’s responsibilities, he offered general medical advice and a range of services that are currently performed by only dedicated practitioners, such as surgery and midwifery (the Art of obstetrics). Pharmacy is often done through retail stores, in addition to pharmaceutical components, tobacco and medical patents. Herbal remedies are also used.

In the pharmaceutical achievements in the field of chemical and herbal ingredients, pharmaceutical works can be considered as a precursor to chemical science and pharmacology before the formulation of scientific curricula.

As for the snake code, it is because many medications are extracted from toxins. The mortar or pistil symbol is an international symbol of the pharmaceutical profession as it is used to grind and mix chemicals used in the manufacture of drugs.