Teaching staff of Computer Technology Engineering Department

Prof. M. D. Sadiq Jassim Abu AllokhHead of the Department
Eng. Anaam Mohammed Hammoud HippieSection Rapporteur
D. Mohammed al-SirajaddeenLecture
D. Latif Abdulzaid Khader al-SultaniLecture
D. Mazen Radi Hasan al-AssiLecture
M. M. Ahmed Mohammed Mirza MassoudiLecture
Faker Ali MatroodLecture
Asst. Lec. Karrar Ibrahim Lecture
Asst. Lec. Mustafa Ridha Hassoon
M. Noryahya Guadal hamadaniRegistration Section Manager
M.M. Ali Najm Abdullah al-askaryLecture
M. M. Ahmed Shaker AbdullaLecture
Asst. Lec. Ihab MuntherLecture
M. M. Safa Hussain AliwiLecture
M. M. Mariam Qais KazimLecture